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Is Microblading really better than permanent makeup?

May 8, 2017

There are a lot of articles written out there on the internet, stating that microblading is the end-all-be-all of brow treatments... well, is it?

I'm a permanent cosmetics specialist and I get asked about this all the time. My clients do their research on Google and if they believe everything they read, then they definitely want microblading and NOT eyebrow tattooing. In my professional practice, I utilize many tools as any great and experienced artist would. I have been certified many times over in microblading and I do love the results but I don't microblade everybody who wants their brows done. Why? Because it depends on my canvas - your skin - which tool will yield the most optimal results. I know we are being told by Google that microblading is less invasive, but that cannot be further from the truth. It is tattooing by means of slicing the skin to deposit pigment. Sounds barbaric or primitive, right? 

It absolutely goes to the same layer (papillary dermis) as any other eyebrow tattoo would. And is very much by definition a tattoo. My ideal person for this treatment is not what you would think... it's older ladies with perfect slightly dry very thin skin. For clients who have oily skin, sorry this technique is not the best for you and you will get the look of microblading with a digital machine. For clients what do not heal properly (like diabetics, who are more prone to both infections and forming scar tissue), sorry but you will not receive microblading treatment in my office. I can absolutely give you the look of perfect microbladed eyebrows, but it will come from a digital tattoo machine. My digital machine looks like a pen attached to a compact computer and the cost of it was more of the cost of a car... but I digress. Don't believe the microblading hype; don't "drink the KoolAid" and believe all the propaganda out there. 

The Enemy to my industry is quick, poor training.

May 15, 2017

There's an epidemic sweeping the industry of permanent cosmetics. And it's the untrained novice being able to take a 2-day course in tattooing (yes, only 2 days) and then thinking they are my competitors. I have a few  new clients each week that tell me they were offered microblading at their hair salon or their nail salon. What strikes them as strange, is that these are businesses where they are regularly visiting and they have never been offered a tattoo there previously. The ones that decline that offer and wind up seeking a seasoned and thouroghly trained professional artist, like myself, always have the same story... they were offered the tattooing and they asked the person how much training they had in eyebrows tattooing. The answer, 2 days only. That's right... only two days. Let's let that sink in for a minute. 

When they ask what the price is they are told that it is $600, which is what I (an expert specialist) also charge. And that's how they wind up seeking me out. What's interesting is that I am not hearing that the person was only charging $100 because they are just starting out and using your face for their tattoo practice (which would be more appropriate). Why is that? Because their two day seminar/demo is structured like one of those get-rich real estate classes. They are being sold the idea of getting rich destroying people's faces. There I said it. What is done by this new practitioner cannot be erased, it is a tattoo. Why do you think that a lot of the articles you find on Google say that microblading is not a tattoo, that it is not permanent? Because this fits their propaganda. Please, if you get nothing else for this rant, hear this... someone who has been trained in only two days will permanently disfigure your face. And then you wind up like my other potential clients (the ones who were offered a cheap job by a beginner with almost no training), begging for a correction. It is much wiser to go to the correct person in the first place. Good luck out there!

How Safe is permanent makeup?

May 22, 2017

How safe is it to have your brows (or other permanent cosmetics) performed? From a clinical standpoint, that will vary on your artist's understanding of blood-bourne pathogens. I'll tell you as a professional, the state of Florida requires every tattoo artist (yes, this includes microblading practitioners) to take an online BBP class. In order to legally tattoo (again this includes anybody who does permanent makeup and or microblading), they will have an inspection of their office as a "tattoo establishment" by the health inspector. When you're inspected, you set up the room as if you are about to work on a client. It's very similar, as far as protective barriers, to a dentists office. If your technician sets up their room this way for every client and takes proper precautions during the procedure, then there is no health risk. If they do not... then the risks include contracting hepatitis. You should not worry about the safety of getting permanent makeup done by a professional that has had the proper training and inspection. But if you want to be vigilant, you should notice that all surfaces that your artist could touch durning procedure have a barrier on them (including their lighting). Their work tray should only have objects on it that are one-time use, and everything on it gets thrown out after your procedure. Therefore, you should not see the following objects on their work tray:

Pigment bottles

Cell phone

Large Eye wash bottle

Box of Kleenex or gloves

Why?  Because if any of these objects are on their work tray, then they have definitely been touched during the procedure before you and probably many others before that. These objects would not be thrown away, and you can assume that they have been handled by your technician with gloves that have blood and body fluids on them. If they tattooed someone's lips right before your appointment and that client had herpes... then guess what you're getting with your microblading today? My previous blog post was on the topic of the poor training that runs rampant in our industry today. Please check it out. These under educated technicians are exactly the ones that will pass disease around to their clients.